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"We're a little Montana farm that has a big reputation for breeding and raising world class Genetic fly tying feathers as well as a list of other fine fishing products. The next time that you're in our area stop in and join the many anglers who now make Knoll's, "the angler friendly shop'', their first stop in Montana every summer. Here you can experience and select from the widest selection of genetic feathers on display... maybe in the world."
Doc Knoll

flock of 8 week old birds

The Absaroka Knoll Farm of  Pray, Montana
"So you will get to know us
let's begin our farm's story with this brief opening statement. . ." Amy Knoll
 To the west of Montana's Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness and just to the north of Yellowstone National Park lies the picturesque valley called Paradise. Here the Yellowstone River pours life from her waters and, nestled within the heart of this glorious valley lies our Absaroka Knoll Farm.
      We came here on the historical heels of  the Native Americans, mountain men,  prospectors and the pioneers who also  found that the Upper Yellowstone valley was visually exhilarating as well as agriculturally fertile. Today, the people of Montana have new faces and the names still continue to change but the requirements to live here, in the extremes of the Montana Territory,  have remained no less demanding.
     "And that is why Knoll's and the  Absaroka* Knoll Farm  are  keeping time honored  family traditions of  providing top quality feathers, foods, goods and service alive. Here, you are welcome to join the many people who have already  made Knoll's one of their  "welcomed destinations" while they visit  and  fish in Yellowstone National Park, Paradise Valley and on the many blue ribbon trout rivers of  south-central Montana.

Genetic hackle grizzly bird Knoll's has come to be known for a few things.  Here are a few things you should know.
1. Our birds are raised for our own fly production as well as our retail fly shop.
2. We only package one grade of  feather. For lesser grades we let our Pray, Montana customers sift  through  bulk bins.
      Next time your in the area stop in and you'll quickly realize the bargains Knoll's Montana offers.
3. Our birds are raised specifically for color. We do not sell died products.
4. Our pricing is better then what you are paying at the present time... guaranteed.
       We do not pay for glossy advertising. Therefore,  the advantage goes to our customers.
        This is why we are called "angler friendly."  Contact Doc for current pricing and availability. 
5. Unlike our competitors our color selection is wide. Nothing is dyed. Everything is natural.
          Doc loves to grow exotic variants and these are sold as first come- first served.

6. Because of our limited production we always have fresh feathers.
         Unlike many shops and large volume growers nothing is on our shop's walls for more then a few months old.
         Therefore our customers  never experience splintering feathers that can twist and break.
7.. We stock and  package ancillary parts such as shoulders and Poo.
8. We will grow specifically for your needs. All you have to do is ask.
9. Like the picture of the grizzly (above) we grow a selection of  birds that have the tier's needs in mind. Our Grizzlies come in Dark, Light, Wide Saddled and those       saddles which are  pencil thin #16 and #18 saddle strands.  We also have  "early Spring Creek Capes"  for tiers who want extremely small feathers (#30.)
    and Five Grizzlies. Not too shabby for a small breeder.

Since we do wholesale flies...
We  principally raise birds for our own consumption.
Availability for tiers to receive feathers  is now limited.

brown birdUnpenciled and solid in color-  our "coachman brown" is a favorite worldwide.

The two images (below)  are just a couple of our more popular  variations.
cree swatchDark Cree (left)        penciled badger swatch Penciled Badger

Doc's Tier's Corner
When we find a tier that  has the ability to transform feathers into practical or artistic flies
 then it is in the interest of all fly tiers to see what some others are doing.
To submit your  fly creations contact us. Send us your fly images
Name, address and phone number.
Two images only per tier.
Recipe is optional.

Here are a couple of flies created by R. Lewis, a southern California saltwater fly fisher.
Good flies using Knoll natural feathers. We're proud to show them to you.
Lewis fly Matuka -Gem      Lewis' CreeationLewis' Creeation

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